How long is forever?

Sometimes, just a second - White Rabbit.

Time is one of the defining constructs around which we organize our time on this planet. While time standards help us align and coordinate with each other, the disassociation of time from our natural rhythms, internal clocks or anything which can be felt creates a vacuum where we lose our connection with any sense of time. Ever since I moved to New York, I have had this feeling of a disconnect from any sense of the passage of time. With this project, I am trying to see if I can invert the brief where the machine prompts us to ‘measure’ and we have to come up with the ‘data‘. What we are aware of makes meaning, what is delegated to a machine is amputated from our senses.

What is measured: The passage of time.

The site of collection: Me.

For my first idea, I was thinking of a physical device that straps on my hand. At random intervals, it asks how much time has elapsed and I will have to guess how much time has elapsed.

While this idea was pretty interesting to fabricate, managing the data, power and communication would make it hard to manage in the time we have. So, I pivoted to something that could be done on the phone.

An IFFTT script which is triggered by random events online generates a notification. As soon as I open the notification, it opens a p5js script which asks me how much time has elapsed since the last notification.

Once I have selected a number, it asks me how I am currently feeling and what I am doing. This data gets stored and written to a file and can be downloaded as a .csv file.