FAB 3: Shattered, does it matter?

This week’s assignment was to make something out of acrylic using the laser cutter.

Easy peasy. I have been meaning to do a Voronoi lamp for the longest time and finally, it’s time to scratch that itch. So, off to p5 I went. Now, things are much easier compared to the last time I worked with voronois and guess what? there are libraries for that now.

After playing around with the shapes and size, I brought a few patterns that I liked into Illustrator. I played around with the dimensions of my box and tried to find a cross-section that won’t have very tiny shapes that might mess up with the laser cutter.

Screenshot 2018-11-16 14.41.39.png

Once I had that, it was time to find the material. Now, my original plan was to have 6-10 colors but looking at the costs and the availability of plastics, I brought it down to 4.

Screenshot 2018-11-16 14.46.44.png

I separated the colors into individual files for each color and off to the laser printer I went. Cutting the pieces was pretty uneventful except the part where I lost a nice slab of acrylic to the 75w printer which refused to work. (The cutting gods always demand a sacrifice) and within 45 minutes I had all my pieces. (easy peasy!)


Sticking the acrylic was a different monster altogether. The adhesive that I had was so runny that it was making my life miserable. But thankfully, Lydia got me out of a soup and loaned her rubber cement to me which made my life so much easier. And voila, within 2 hours I had a lamp!


All I need to do is find some LEDs to light it up and it shall be AMAZING!.