Physical Computing: Let the games begin!

For the first assignment of Physical computing, we were asked to interpret a switch and come up with a creative version of it. My first reaction was to make some kind of a Rube Goldberg like contraption but as all my tools and kit was still back in India (Stupid US shipping times! 😠) I had to scale down my idea.

While chewing on the topic to come up with ideas, I started playing a mobile game (The shitty kind whose name I shall refuse to take because of total embarrassment!) I remembered the Oasis puzzle in Legend of Zelda: Wind waker. That puzzle was emblematic of the countless hours I have invested in computer games in finding buttons and switches and I thought that would be a good start to my Physical Computing journey.

Slipping & sliding

Slipping & sliding

So, armed with the enthusiasm. I fist went and got a pattern, cut it out and stuck it on cardboard, stuck silver foil below the cardboard in a way so that the pieces line up when placed in the correct pattern.


Did this work? Yeah, kinda, sorta. the pieces slid properly once of twice before the sliver foil below ripped off and it was unworkable. Thankfully, I managed to get a picture before that happened.

I was really satisfied with the idea and the first prototype. I just wish it had worked a bit longer. I think it will make an interesting fabrication project and I would like to take this ahead when Intro to Fabrication starts next month.

Looking forward to the next one!

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