(8/14) Sound+video: Unforseen circumstances

For this week’s assignment, we were assigned to go through the video and sound lectures and then form a cohesive project around it. The videos went pretty smoothly this time (I think I prefer the visual aspect of programming over the DOMs and APIs) so I was feeling pretty comfortable with working on the assignment.

As my first idea, I thought of 2 ideas:

  1. Taking a video and playing it from the end to the start while the sound plays normally. I specifically wanted to making a video play backward while the sound plays normally. Think Coldplay’s Scientist playing reverse to front while the audio plays normally (It would make a boring video but would have been cool to code.)

  2. Splice the screen horizontally into 8 parts. Each splice plays the same video with a time difference.


Pretty simple right? This is where I ran into the first problem! To achieve my first intended result for idea 1, there is no way to play a video backwards in p5js. The other