Week 2: Enter the Machine

Starting a project with unknown people at random is always pretty stressful for me. As an introvert who takes time to open up, it feels like going on a first date and with a tight deadline looming, my anxiety levels were pretty much through the roof.

Which turned out to be completely unfounded. Because my teammates are FREAKING awwwwwesome. (Is that a word? it should be a word).

In one corner is Lillian Ritchie, (She was on the production team on How to train your dragon 2, DAMNNIT!!!) Charming, humorous and so good at instinctively slicing a project into timelines and effort that will be needed to do it.

In another corner is Nuntinee who is equally pragmatic and wonderful at listening to everyone blabbering on about ideas and morphing them into a cohesive whole.

After our initial discussion, we zeroed on doing a speculative sound-walk in the future as ITP will move to a new building from next year. We all agreed on doing a sound walk set in the indeterminate future (where physical travel is optional) for incoming ITPers who would visit the physical space as a symbolic ritual.

WHICH IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENED. I started on a draft version which the others just riffed on and we got the whole script down within a hour. It was a Grateful Dead concert on Google docs!

With Lillian’s exceptional doc and sheets ninja skills, we had a list of sounds task list in no time and off we went to collect the sounds! After a lot of flushing, clanging, marching, misplaced batteries, full SD cards and waiting for the ITP floor to quieten down, we had a list of sounds that we threw into Audition. Nun and Lillian took the lead and put a rough cut together and I trundled along with my part in their lead. One of the major issues we faced was finding a narrator voice which Lillian solved by discovering the “Normalize to -3dB” setting which gave us the perfect robotic but yet human voice that we needed. (And Oh! Lillian’s voice-over kicked ass).

In -3db we trust.

Also, note to self: Learn from Lillian’s planning. It going to come back and bite me back, I am sure. Will I learn?

<Deep sigh>

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